I can only tell myself over and over again.。

Be sure to let the man in front of this man,Disappear from your own life。
NS1099chapter Mysterious woman
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NS1099chapter Mysterious woman
Mountain Cemetery,Three-sided Hishan,Look at the water,environment of grace,beautiful view。
Both side peaks,Left and right,Positive Qifeng like a stroke。
The cemetery has been planted in the four seasons of evergreen.,Will be solemn and solemn。
Summer standing in front of a monument。
Looking at the tombstone‘Ming people’Two words,The look is complex to the extreme。
He can’t believe,That is often at the school entrance, etc.,Men who always have a servant,Just leave it.。
He can’t accept,Then http://www.cl10086.cn after you fall in love,I ate a hot pot with him.,And it is recommended that yourself,real……went。
He has always been lucky and fantasy。
But at this moment I finally http://www.jiajao.cnunderstand,This has already become a fact。
He slowly squatted。
Liu Qingqing, on the side, also squatted。
She carefully looked at the photo on the tombstone。
Variability can be identified,That is a rigid cheek with the summer.。
Unlike,Just on the cheeks,With a little honest smile。
Is this his father??
Liu Qingqing。
“I am looking at you.……”
The hoarse whisper flows in the wind,But it is to say。
“I haven’t called you dad yet.,How did you leave?……”
Summer looking at photo smiling man,The heart falls in the heart。
“Before September this year,I always thought that I was an orphan.,I have also fantasy,Entertain,Hate you,But I didn’t hate it.,I decided to regard you as a stranger.……”
Say,Put the two bouquet of white flowers in front of the tombstone。
Liu Qingqing is a goddess,Look at。http://www.zhpjc.cn
She first saw the summer appearance,It is also the first time I heard the summer.。