Smart yoga before pregnancy gives birth to smart baby

Smart yoga before pregnancy gives birth to smart baby

For women who are planning to become pregnant, if you choose Chinese medicine for pre-pregnancy conditioning, we generally recommend Qi and blood supplementing Chinese medicine, and the traditional Chinese medicine conditioning prescription prescribed by the doctor will remove the bias of the drug through reasonable compatibility, so you should take conditioningPregnancy during the medication will not adversely affect the child.

  Of course, the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine before pregnancy needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Women who are eager to eat are advised not to take tonics.

People with qi and blood foot, if they eat more medicines for blood and qi, they will easily get angry, which is not conducive to pregnancy.

  Women who are in the preparation stage of pregnancy should avoid exercise. It is recommended to focus on static exercises. You can practice meditation and sit-up eight paragraphs, etc., which can achieve peace of mind, replenish qi and blood, and five birds, and yoga are also suitablePre-pregnancy exercise.

It is recommended that female friends practice meditation before going to bed during pregnancy preparation, which can help sleep well, and feel agitated when you wake up.

  Chinese medicine believes that the pre-pregnancy conditioning focuses on dredging qi and blood, and it can also massage the three acupoints of Shenshu, Xinshu and Bladder Shu of the foot bladder meridian.

  Many young women are under high pressure at work. Chinese medicine believes that long-term injury to the spleen and loss of spleen will lead to insufficient blood and qi.

Therefore, another important point of pre-pregnancy conditioning is to strengthen the spleen. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more yam and barley kernels before pregnancy. You can add them in the amount of porridge or stew.

  How to sit still before going to bed?

The method of Chinese Yoga Health Association Mi Luo sit quietly before going to bed is: you can sit with your legs crossed naturally, the spine is upright, the palms of the hands are up, put the back of the right hand on the left palm, the two thumbs gently touch each otherTouch the left and right shoulders slightly, causing the flatness to be moderate and moderate. The anterior condyle is retracted, but instead of lowering your head, you can press the left and right aortic ducts a little. You can slightly open your eyes and make sure that you are in front of the seat.Meters, or slightly closed; tongue licked slightly against palate.

  In addition, pay attention when you sit still, you can focus on one thing. This thing can be a beautiful natural scene, such as the beach, the grass, and the flowers. Use the features to fully feel and find the immersive feeling.
You can also focus on breathing, listen to the rhythm of even breathing, or stare at a bit of candlelight. When you continue to focus on one thing, you achieve meditation.

It only takes ten minutes before bedtime to complete this set of meditation homework.